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COVID19 Restrictions Affecting the BC Wine Industry (Free Access)

This article lists the most prominent COVID19 related BC restrictions and policy changes that affect the BC wine industry.

Current Restrictions

Restriction Source Expiry Date Industry Consequences
Order for Liquor Licensees Governing Operations (Now Requires That All Customers Be Seated) Prov. Health Officer No expiry date Effective July 23rd
Order Allowing All Licensees to Open (with physical distancing rules) and Removing 50% Occupancy Limit Prov. Health Officer Replaced Effective June 10th
Order Allowing Reopening (with restrictions) Prov. Health Officer Replaced Effective Tuesday, May 19th
Order Requiring All Employers to Create a Covid-19 Workplace Safety Plan Prov. Health Officer No expiry date  
PHO Prohibits Gatherings of 50+ Prov. Health Officer Order 2020-05-30, if not extended No gatherings of more than 50 people at a winery
PHO Closes Bars & Manufacturer Tasting Rooms, Restricts LP & FP Licensees to Take-out Prov. Health Officer Order 2020-05-30, if not extended (Replaced) Closes winery tasting rooms and lounges. Permits winery retail to continue subject to certain restrictions. Restaurants located at a winery restricted to take-out.
PHO Food & Beverage Sector Recommendations Prov. Health Officer Guidelines   Explains above orders and issues additional advice.


Policy Changes

Policy Change Source Expiry Date Industry Consequences
Temporary Permission for LP & FP Licensees to Deliver Alcohol with Take-out Meals

LCRB Policy 20-05

2020-07-15 May allow some continued sale of wine from wineries to restaurants that are now restricted to take-out service under the PHO order.

Temporary Extended Opening of Retail Liquor/Wine Stores

LCRB Policy 20-11 2020-07-15 Increases permissible opening hours of retail stores selling wine, including manufacturer on-site stores.


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