ALC Compliance

BC Agricultural Land Commission Rules for Wineries

This discussion summarizes some common compliance issues for BC wineries arising from the BC Agricultural Land Commission\’s rules (i.e. these rules will apply only if the winery is located on land that is part of the Agricultural Land Reserve). Significant topics that are explained include:

  • ALC Production Requirements including sourcing of grapes/fruit
  • ALC Development Rules which will affect all new wineries and any changes to existing wineries
LDB Compliance & Pricing

BC LDB Winery Categorization: Land-Based vs. Commercial

This discussion summarizes the compliance issues related to the categorization of wineries in BC by the LDB as either \”land-based\” or \”commercial\”. Significant topics covered include:

  • Differences between LDB winery categories: \”land-based\” vs. \”commercial\”
  • Land-Based winery criteria
  • Business operations differences
Licensing Compliance

Winery Production Requirements

This discussion summarizes the compliance issues for a licensed BC winery (manufacturer) as they relate to minimum production standards imposed by the BC LCRB (licensing branch).