Licensing Compliance

Starting a Winery in BC

This discussion summarizes the issues related to starting and operating a winery in BC. Significant topics that are covered and which may affect business plans include:

  • Provincial licensing rules governed by the LCRB (Liquor Control & Licensing Act)
  • Provincial rules administered by the BC LDB (Winery categorization as land-based or commercial) 
  • Provincial rules governed by the Agricultural Land Commission (applicable to any wineries located in the Agricultural Land Reserve)
  • BC Wine Authority (VQA) rules 
  • Summary of Additional Federal rules (Excise Tax Act) and Municipal rules

Sales & Marketing

This discussion summarizes the compliance issues and considerations related to sales and marketing for BC wineries. Significant topics covered include:

  • Retail Sales – Permissible Locations, Processes and Fulfillment
  • Wholesale Sales – Permissible Locations, Processes and Fulfillment 
  • Advertising – Marketing Rules for Alcoholic Beverages
  • Web Sites
  • Use of Social Media
LDB Compliance & Pricing

Wholesale Pricing for BC Wineries

This discussion summarizes the rules related to wholesale pricing in the various distribution channels for BC wineries (both land-based and commercial). Significant topics covered include:

  • Pricing in the Direct Delivery Channel for Private Retailers
  • Pricing in the Direct Delivery Channel for Restaurants/Bars/Hotels (Hospitality Licensees)
  • Pricing in the BCLS Retail Channel (Government Liquor Stores)
  • Markup and pricing differences