LDB Compliance & Pricing

Wholesale Pricing for BC Wineries

This discussion summarizes the rules related to wholesale pricing in the various distribution channels for BC wineries (both land-based and commercial). Significant topics covered include:

  • Pricing in the Direct Delivery Channel for Private Retailers
  • Pricing in the Direct Delivery Channel for┬áRestaurants/Bars/Hotels (Hospitality Licensees)
  • Pricing in the BCLS Retail Channel (Government Liquor Stores)
  • Markup and pricing differences
LDB Compliance & Pricing

BC LDB Winery Categorization: Land-Based vs. Commercial

This discussion summarizes the┬ácompliance issues related to the categorization of wineries in BC by the LDB as either \”land-based\” or \”commercial\”. Significant topics covered include:

  • Differences between LDB winery categories: \”land-based\” vs. \”commercial\”
  • Land-Based winery criteria
  • Business operations differences