If you are a manufacturer or retailer and are thinking about shipping alcohol to customers in another province (or are already doing so), you need this subscription! This is a rapidly changing area of the law ... and you need to have up to date information in order to determine your business policies and assess the relevant risks.

For one annual low fee, this subscription will provide you with a detailed discussion of the laws on interprovincial shipping including a complete breakdown of relevant provincial laws. It also keeps you up-to-date by including 12 months of updated information as well as e-mail alerts regarding any significant changes to the laws.

As a licensed manufacturer or retailer of alcohol, compliance is critical to the good standing of your license (and your livelihood). Make sure that you have the mission-critical information necessary for your business by subscribing today! 

12 months of compliance protection is only $495 (plus GST) - less than $10 per week!

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